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A Ghostly Review

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Have you lost a loved one? Do you see or hear them? This anthology gives you a selection of short stories plus two poems about the ghosts who can’t move on, be it due to love or hate.

From the Highlands of Scotland to Wales, England, the USA & Canada, you will find something which suits you.

Thanks to participants the world over.

M J Mallon, Cathy-Lee Chopping, Mara Reitsma, Karen J Mossman, C A Keith, C L Williams, Claire Plaisted, Dan McAteer & Michael Lynes.

Free Download from a store of your choice.

Karen’s Magic Review

There were ten stories/poems in this book, so it is good value.

The first story by Claire Plaisted, was very short and introduced the couple on the front cover. It was a nice touch to start the book off.

A poem Ode to Love by M J Mallon followed and I already liked the design around the titles. It gives the book a classy feel.

I must say the first story I came to was none other than yours truely here.  A Good Son. It was nice to be at the front. I took from The Adventures of Cassidy Newbold and feel it worked well as a standalone. If you would like to read the rest of the stories, you can do so on Wattpad.

A Highland Haunting by Dan Mcteer was a mini novella and the story of Atamveer Singh and his sister. A christian name that didn’t run easily of the tongue. I’m not too sure of the time this was set in, although it suggested present day except the way characters spoke to each other didn’t fit with that time. It took a while to get to the point of the story, and when it did and it introduced the ghost is was well done, with a good ending.

Dream Threads by C. A. Keith had a really good introduction to the author, and who she was. I liked that, it gave me a better feel for the story.  It began in the first person narrative and it wasn’t until some way in when the husband called her Theresa, I realised it wasn’t Charlottle telling the story. Once I had sorted that out it was a clever little tale and easier to read in modern English. I wouldn’t have liked to have read it at night because it did get quite creepy at times.

Rew y Calon – Frost of the Heart by Michael Lynes followed. I’m afraid I couldn’t get into this story and found it difficult to understand. I think possibly the Rhianae it was referring to was a tree.

Reunited at Last by C. L. Williams A clever story, and if you thought about it too much it would be terrifying. A great idea by the author. When the main character Wendy goes to sleep, strange things happen. It will make you think twice about sleeping!

Winged Secrets by Mara Reitsma A great thought out story and one that kept me gripped wanting to find out who they were and what really happened that fateful night. Little bit different as it started as case notes of a patient in a mental institution. My favourite story so far.

Pride and Witerchery by Cathy-Lee Chopping. It turned out that this was my favourite story in the book, after all. Very clever as we went back to the world of Jane Austin and Pride and Prejudice just because our main character was reading the book. She got taken back there by a witch. So it switched between modern day and olden days. There is a great scene at the airport where she and her boyfriend are supposed to be flying on holiday, except the boyfriend prefers to take his new girlfriend instead.

Ed’s Shadow, Poetry by M. J. Mallon. Loved this little story in a poem, a great way to finish.

All in all a good little read, especially as it is free to download. I hope you take advantage of it.

I bloged about this book here and included all the teasers to the stories. Worth taking a look.

Meanwhile, one more came in, so I couldn’t resist including it here.


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