The Day I Met My Mother

by Karen J Mossman


This story has hung around in my head for twenty odd years. Now and again it pops up and it still makes me chuckle. The question I always asked myself was how did I not know my own mother!

It isn’t a big story, it will take but a few words, which is why I haven’t told it before. Then this morning I came across this article by author Carole Parkes. Apart from it making me chuckle, I identifided when she said that she didn’t understand why she didn’t recognise herself.

My story is simply that I was travelling in the car one day whilst on holiday. We’d just left my family and waved goodbye. I was idly staring out of window watching the other cars go by. This car overtook us and a woman looked at me and smiled. I stared back wondering why a strange woman was smiling at me. A few seconds later I realised it was mum! I hadn’t recognise, why? I would know that face and smile anywhere, but in that moment, I saw the face of a stranger. How weird.

Do read Carole’s short article as I’m sure it will make you chuckle, as well.

Mum and I in 1989

The Day I met the Other Me


6 thoughts on “The Day I Met My Mother”

  1. Ha ha. The strange thing is I do that all the time with my sons. They live very near to me, one only a few doors away. In the car when someone waves, I’ll say who was that? Hubby will say, It’s only son number 1, or son number 2. I never recognise them, let alone their cars. I’m the same in my local shopping centre. Someone will say hello and it takes me ages to put a name to the face. Watching a film is equally confusing if there are two females with similar colour and length hair. I’ve heard there’s a thing called Face recognition blindness and often wondered if I have it.


    1. Haha! It sounds like it. I can somehow imagine the look on your hubby’s face when he says, Its only son number one!
      It’s only ever happened to me once, so I’m grateful you prompted it with your post. 😊


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