The Quest by Karina Kantas

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When Haty notices a Tsinian crystal glowing, she knows she must stick to her word and return to her homeland as Thya. Knowing her kinsmen needed her, there was no hesitation. Even though there was more to lose than just her life.
Once more a prophecy informs the reader of oracles that only Thya could stop the war and save not just her people, but the rest of Enumac from Kovon’s psychotic plans.
Along with three other companions, Thya is sent on a perilous quest to locate a crystal eye which holds an evil known as the Dark Force.
The group are tried and tested throughout their journey by monsters, death and courage.
New friendships will be formed and other lost.
Thya’s power becomes stronger and a second will threatens to take over her mind body and soul.
A terrifying surprise waits for them in the city of Helkon.
Will they survive?
Will Thya return to Tsinia and for the final showdown with Kovon?
Find out by reading the thrilling concluding part of Illusional Reality.

Karen’s Magic Review

The is the second book to Illusional Reality, which I read last year. I’m not a lover of fantasy stories. It’s not my genre, and I struggle with dragons and beasts arising from pits to do battles etc. I quite enjoyed some aspects of the first book, and to be honest, enjoyed it better than I thought I would.

I like Karina Kantas’s books, as they are so different, and I admire anyone who can go from one end of the genre scale to the other. I’ve read some of her Outlaw series, they were not fantasy, they were gritty realism. I’ve also read her short story collection Heads and Tails, which I loved, and it inspired my own Magic of Stories book.

Books are our babies, and we love them, so when Karina asked me to read this one, I did try. I got as far as Chapter 5, but was not feeling it. My eyes were skipping over the fantasy creatures trying to stop our main characters on their journey. Evil Griffiths who lived in the water and forests that contained frightening red eyes were just too much for me.

I’ve no doubt this description will excite fantasy story lovers. It is a great way to escape into your imagination. Mythical creatures are big business and it’s all right for us to not like the same books, or stick to one genre, or be the sort of person who just enjoys a good story.

The Quest is loved by those who were able to get their hands on advanced copies. I’ve seen a lot of good reviews and good words from readers who simply thought it was amazing. That counts for a lot, and I believe every one. The Quest is imaginative and well written, and for lovers of that genre it is a dream of book to lose yourself in.

I would still highly recommend it. In fact you should read both books, they are awesome.

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