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Caravan Holidays

via Holiday Home Highs and Lows

I’ve just read this post by author Carole Parkes and it reminded me so much of my caravan days.

My parents had a static caravan for many years and we were able to take advantage of it. I have so many happy memories of holidays when my children were little.

In their latter years, they bought a caravan in Anglesey. It was secluded from the main site and had its own garden and was right next to the beach. For almost ten years, my husband and I had a week’s holiday (as well as a few weekends) there. My children visited and there was many big family BBQs.

When they died, we took over the caravan, and as Carole mentions in her article, we renovated to make it ours. After that we had a further six years of wonderful holidays by the sea. We fell in love with the island, so when it was time for my husband to retire we bought a bungalow and there seemed no reason for us to keep the caravan.

Two years on, we are very happy in our island home, but when I read posts like Carole’s it reminds me of so many happy times.


3 thoughts on “Caravan Holidays”

  1. That must have been quite a modern van when your parents had it, Karen. The one my parents had was only 18 feet in length. It was so small compared to the 38 feet one we have now. Of course, I’m talking of the 1950’s.


    1. Yes it was, very nice for it’s time. It had four bedrooms, which they needed for all their children.
      When the originally got the site there was a two berth on the spot and the owner said when they bought it, he wouldn’t put a bigger one there.
      But when he saw their minibus and the wheels chairs and the children, he relented. By the time we gave it up, the floor was going and there was damp and it was past it’s best.


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