Psychological, Thriller

Death of a Secret by Christy Mann

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Genre: Pyschological/Thriller/Suspense


Sarah Rosenthal is a Senator’s daughter.  Despite the hig- profile lifestyle that comes with her father’s political career, she has managed to avoid most of the chaos.

On the surface, things seem perfect, but perfection never lasts.

When a stranger comes knocking, blackmail in mind, Latham Buchanan steps in to clean up the mess and Sarah’s life takes a dark turn. Her intention to end the madness may just be the end of her.


If she had any doubt about it being Latham, she wouldn’t have stopped. Latham was a big guy, but her father was a powerful man and he could take care of this guy for her if it came to that, but she was a big girl now. She was going to fight her own battle.

He was no stranger, and right here right now, she was going to give him what for. She did not get treated by people the way he treated her on Saturday, and he would not treat her like that again.

She steered her car to the grassy shoulder and made an immediate stop. He was driving close enough that she expected him to fly right on past her. Instead, he pulled in behind her and slid to a stop a few feet behind her. His high beams glaring in both mirrors again.

Fire burned in her eyes and nostrils. She swung her door wide open and stepped out, slamming the door shut behind her. She stomped back toward the truck. She reached the driver side door at full steam.

The driver swung his door wide open at just the right moment. The door smacked her in the face, splitting her lip, and sent her flying backward. She landed flat on her back with a thud.

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About the Author

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 18.44.21Christy spends the better part of her days staring at her laptop screen, arguing with a fish, and waiting for her muse to divulge the secrets of writing consumable prose.  When not being tortured by said muse and fish, she spends her time reliving ancient history with like-minded individuals and abusing them with wooden sticks.

She currently resides in the less sunny part of The Sunshine State with her unicorn Drooni and a blue fish named Algae.  She hopes to one day retire to Camelot  with her band of merry misfits where she will finally come to a working arrangement with her muse and get to write for fun.

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