Paranormal, Thriller

North to Maynard by Paul White

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 15.08.59 Genre: Occult/Mystery/Urban


North to Maynard is a tale of an urban spirit, a ghost in the machine story for these modern ‘tech’ times.
It exposes something which could happen to any one of us, at any time…. even during a road trip, when you are travelling North to Maynard.


Karen’s Review

There is something about road trip books that I like. Long journeys can be interesting as the world passes by. Watching countryside and city from the confines of a car sounds boring, but far from it as we observe snatches of life as we pass through.

Maynard is place that a young couple are travelling to and generally one sleeps while the other drives and then swap places.

Suddenly the sat-nav starts talking and she is not just giving directions. As his girlfriend Libby, sleep, Simon finds he is being told where to drive by his sat-nav. At first, he doesn’t quite believe what he is hearing and thinks he is losing his mine. When Libby wakes and he tells her and she doesn’t believe him, but soon finds out for herself. Something sinister is at work, but the outcome is not what I expected.

This book is part of the Electric Eclectic brand of books and they are all shorter reads. Particularly good if you love reading but don’t have a lot of time. I read this in an evening. It is also a good way to find new authors.

If you are on Goodreads, why not add it to your To Read Shelf.

Paul White is multi-genre author, so his books are always very interesting. There are plenty to choose from as you can see.

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