Lifesong by Julia Blake

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 14.41.50.pngGenre: Contemporary/Science Fiction/Fantasy


She came from a different place, a world living in harmony with the lifesong that flows through everything, connecting all to the great song of the universe.

Suddenly, she’s trapped on our world, a place hell bent on self-destruction, a place that destroys without thought, poisons its own water supply and pollutes the very air that it breathes. Horrified to discover we have no lifesong, the question burns – what kind of a world is this, that can treat itself so?

Hauntingly beautiful, this story will make you think and feel about our planet and our choices, and wonder – Is the love of one woman is enough to save an entire world?

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Karen’s Magic Review

The author gave me a copy of this book and it is not the sort of thing that generally appeals to me. When someone gives you something, you feel compelled to read it, and I was swayed by the fact it said novella on the book cover.

Well, I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t expect to like this book as much as I did. There was something magical and mysterious about it. The science fiction bit, which often can be too complex, was simple and small, and most of the action took place on earth under normal life situations. By that I mean, it was a normal story, but under extra-ordinary circumstances.

Our young heroine finds herself falling in love with a man, who needs saving from himself. A man who has lost everything and is bereft. She helps him, and in turn he helps her, but the journey it takes them both, is one you would never expect and one that is totally compelling and absorbing.

This book is very different from the other two other books I’ve read from this author – Lost and Found and Fixtures and Fittings. The review of the latter you can read here. Julia Blake is a really good writer, she knows how to reel you in with her stories and I love the way she writes. For some reason, I didn’t feature Lost and Found on Karen’s Book Buzz Blog, but you can read my review on Goodreads.

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