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Girl Unbroken by Patricia Bell

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 16.03.55Genre: Human Trafficking


When a girl is rescued from the clutches of a human trafficker, she faces a struggle from within. Was her life even worth saving? What is it all for? Find out in the free Novella – Girl Unbroken.
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Karen’s Magic Review

This book kept appearing in my Facebook newsfeed and as I am a great love of covers, especially when they are vivid, imaginative, and instantly draw you in. This one did all of these things. As it was a free book, and mostly because I’ve crossed paths with this author a few time on Facebook. I didn’t know anything about her, except I liked her.

I downloaded the book and must admit, these days I am not a fan of free books any more. Writing a book is hard work. A lot of hours go into it, and then afterwards all the editing, re-reads, and rewriting can take a year. To give it away to 100s of people is sacrilege. However, having said that, I jumped on the band wagon and got my copy.

Immediately, I saw it was a very emotive book.  Sometimes people like to write about dreadful things full of emotion and bad things because they can, its almost cathartic. Perhaps they have experienced it, or maybe they just want to explore the subject. Sometimes,  books are self absorbent, and getting involved in someone’s fantasy is not what I generally enjoy.

But, and a big BUT, this is NOT what this is.  I quickly realised the writing was exceptionally good. This was someone who knows what they are doing, and does it well. It could have been a story full of pain and misery, but it isn’t. The bad bits of the book are told without going into detail. It’s suffice to know that this or that happened, we don’t need the details as we have imaginations. So many books want to spell out every gory detail and the clever writers it’s not necessary.

The heroine, is young, sassy and had been through an horrific time, but this book isn’t about that, its about hope and goodness. The good people shine through and as a reader it gives us hope for life. We don’t always want to be dragged down by someone’s misery. We always need hope.

I really loved this story, loved the way it was told and loved the foster family and how everything was about good coming out of bad. When I reached the end, I fully understand why the author decided to give this book away, and I think you will, too.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 16.34.50

You can find Patricia on Facebook or on Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Girl Unbroken by Patricia Bell”

  1. WOW! Karen J Mossman I am completely floored! This is beautiful coming from a fellow author. I thank you for reading my story and giving such a wonderful review!


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