A Whiter Shade of Pale by Audrina Lane

Since this blog began in early 2016, I review almost 70 books all using the same format. So this year I thought I would have a little change.  I’ll be reviewing the books in the normal way, but also adding a few extras, perhaps books they have written and things I can source from public profile on Facebook.

I would really encourage you to add comments about the book, especially if you have also read it as I would love to hear what you thought.

Screen Shot 2018-02-18 at 09.26.55Genre: Short Stories and Poetry


A word, a glimpse, loved and lost but never forgotten. Follow Audrina Lane through the many shades of pale with stories and poems that will invigorate you with their colour, emotion and laughter.

Magic and mystery stories mix with the paranormal and poetry that brings an eclectic mix of topical rhymes to make a truly wonderful balance that will keep you turning the page for the next surprise.

Love, laugh and cry along with Audrina and let’s begin.

Karen’s Magic Review

This is my first book of the new year and as it’s mid February, I’m a it behind with reviews!

The first thing I noticed about this A Whiter Shade of Pale was the cover. It is so really attractive. The author invited readers on her Facebook page, to choose a title and the one she chose fitted perfectly, don’t you think? The other thing I noticed was the beautiful formatting inside the book, it matched for the contents, the cover and the title.

Then I began reading the lovely combination of stories and poetry. The Table of Contents listed: Love, Lost Love, The Forgotten Twin, Dark and Fantasy, and I knew I was in for a treat.

Love is ten pieces of poetry, all wistful and imaginative. This was followed by The Lost Twin and we embark on a paranormal love story that is both absorbing and intriguing.  It was long enough to be divided into chapters and to you to lose yourself for a while.

This was followed by, Dark, and five poems that changed the mood completely. Fantasy changes things again as it fluttered in like a butterfly.

It’s hard to say which of them is my favourite but think I will go with one called Fairy Tales because I really related to that one.

A story called The Portal Key was risqué and fun at the same time. Again it was long enough to get your teeth into and lose yourself in a secret world. Poetry for the seasons including a delightful ode to bonfire night and Christmas as its best.

The Lost Soul was cleverly told in the first person with a twist at the end. More poetry followed and it was like getting lost on a sea of emotion. I felt as if I was there experiencing and feeling everything the author felt. It was magical.

My favourite has to be Praying for Time and the death of such a talented man. Audrina put our feelings it into words and she captured the essence of the man in this wonderful ode to George Michael.


If you like romance, and enjoyed this taster of Audrina’s work, you will love her Heart  and Bloodstained Heart trilogies.

Where Did The Heart go is the first one and is available to purchase for just 99p there are all in Kindle Unlimited, you can download the whole series for free. My review of it is here. 

Amazon UK
Amazon US

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 09.57.53

Not only does this talented author write about love, she has also co-aurthored a book with Rita Ames, about the life of a racing driver at Grand Prix. And its another cracking read.


Amazon UK
Amazon US

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