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Building A House

I have just completed a story. Hey, that’s great, I hear you say. Yes, it is but it’s a long way from being a book. Now the work truly begins. Thinking about it, I can liken it to building a house. The Frame Work - First Draft Putting the idea on paper is like constructing… Continue reading Building A House

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Join Us Here

The future is looking bright at Norns as we expand our list of authors. This means lots of new books will be published under our banner this year. We also bring readers so much more on our website. We are bloggers and passionate readers, too. Our blog brings: interesting articles celebrating the days of the… Continue reading Join Us Here

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January is National Soup Month

I love soup and my favourite is Hienz Chicken soup. Served with a hot roll it’s a lunchtime favourite at the time of year. January is National Soup Month, which is not the same as February 4th’s observance. That is National Homemade Soup Day. Of course, both celebrate … January is National Soup Month

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A Photographic Walk in Cemaes Bay

I live on the island of Anglesey and on New Year’s Day we, my husband and I, decided to go over to Cemaes Bay. It’s pronounced with a soft sounding K and e as in egg, with mice at the end. Information boards are a great way to find out more about the place you… Continue reading A Photographic Walk in Cemaes Bay


Natural People

Over the Christmas period I watched two programmes that I really enjoyed. The first one was the multi-talented Luke Evans who hosted his own show. If you don’t know him is is a Welsh singer and actor. He has a great voice and the show was entertaining. One of his guests was Leann Rimes. I… Continue reading Natural People

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Ebooks, Paperbacks, Retailers, and The Library

I was given a paperback of A Cuckoo Calling by Robert Galbraith and recently reviewed it. Although I persevered, the book was too heavy and uncomfortable to hold, and of course, I couldn’t read it in the dark. It confirmed how much I prefer ebooks and ended up buying a copy from Amazon. At £5.49,… Continue reading Ebooks, Paperbacks, Retailers, and The Library


On a Roll

I’ve been posting every day for over fifty days. It’s a record for me. Previously, it was thirty three. My aim was to surpass that, and then I just kept going. Now I wonder if I can reach a hundred. Truth is, I’ve enjoyed writing different topics, and sharing some of the super posts from… Continue reading On a Roll