Brown Bread in a Can!

I’m reading a book set in America and came across brown bread in a tin. What! Bread in tin? I had to look it up and it’s real. How interesting!

For those of you confused, you can read about it here

The book also mentioned Kool Aid. I remember coming across this when holidaying in the US. It’s a powder, and it was the nearest my friends could come up with when we asked for cordial. For those who don’t know you can buy cordial in a bottle and you put about an inch at the bottom of a glass and fill it with water. In the picture shown here with the explanation, our cordial comes in bottles that looks like the flavour it represents – a bottle of orange or blackcurrant, etc. I haven’t seen anything that looks like the bottle shown in the photograph.

Another thing I recall, is wanting a boiled egg for breakfast, but no one had an egg cup. I had great difficulty in finding one, and apparently Americans don’t eat boiled eggs. I love toasted soldiers (bread cut into strips and toasted) and a runny egg!

I don’t know about you, but I love differences between the UK and the US. Different words and different spellings make life interesting.

With the advent of social media, we are learning a lot more about what other countries eat, and trying it for ourselves.

Have you discovered something that’s a staple in another country that you’ve never heard of before like my bread?

4 thoughts on “Brown Bread in a Can!”

  1. I have never heard of Bread in a Can so it must be based on geography in the USA. And, yes, people do eat soft boiled eggs for breakfast here. They serve it on a plate and then dunk their toast in it. Soliders seems a weird term to me to just say strips of toast. LOL.

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    1. From other comments I’ve received, it seems be around the Massachusetts area.

      Toast Soldiers are only eaten with a boiled egg in an egg cup. I think it originated from adults getting their children to eat the strips of toast. Than they turn into adults and remember their childhood fondly as they pass it to their own.

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  2. Bread in a tin is just weird! I know that in the US they seem a lot more into canning things than we are and I appreciate that their geography in a lot of cases means they dont have a handy corner shop in walking distance but bread just nope! Also they have no idea what they are missing out on with not having dippy eggs and soldiers, it’s almost like having a deprived childhood if you never got to dunk. My dad has dementia and talking to my daughter about the hardest things to accept never having with him again was that she would never get up to grandads perfect dippy eggs.


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