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Book Review of Infection by M. P. McDonald

Where did I find it: I found the book on a Facebook Advert. This is the third instalment.

What I liked: this is book three and the familiar characters made me settle into it immediately. I also liked how the author continued the story with the same three character viewpoints. Cole, the leader, his son, Hunter, and his now wife, Elly. There were approximately ten other characters who all played a major part, but because we saw them only through the eyes of the three, it was not at all confusing. I loved how real everything was, despite their situation. There were no murders, monsters, or killers. The horror came from the situation they found themselves in. The stories were more about the goodness of people, and those who wanted to do the right thing for the right reasons. I loved the whole series and this book rounded it off well.

What I didn’t like: unlike the first two books, Invasion had a lot of errors. This was sad considering it’s such a brilliant story. There was the odd missing word and extra punctuation. But the biggest thing was changing the name of a character. He went from Lucas to Luke throughout. I found it increasingly annoying. There were also two instances that were never explained. Hunter and Cole found something on the road they needed shovels for. Hunter’s face turned ashen as a result. We never found out what it was. Then at the end, there were two militia guys who helped people, but no one knew who there were. They weren’t found and we never got who they were.

Overall: it is a fantastic book and the end of a brilliant series. I loved the characters and how they became a family and after joining with others, a community. There is no blood and gore, rape, or pillage. It focuses on the good of people, rather than those who wish to cause devastation. There is no shock factor, instead, the horror lies in the reality, and the death of millions of people. The horror of the dead bodies, and abandoned civilizations. The tearing apart of families is a trauma that claws at your heart and when good things happen, it brings tears to your eyes. It has thousands of reviews on Amazon, and I wholeheartedly recommend the series.

A Three Book Series.

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