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Book Review of Isolation by M. P. McDonald

Where did I find it: I found this book on a Facebook ad. This is the second in the series.

What I liked: the viewpoint stayed with the same three characters., Cole, Hunter, and Elly. Several secondary characters all played important parts, but we only ever saw them with thoughts of the three. This is a great second book as everyone tries to survive the best they can by forming a community and working together.

What I didn’t like: I can’t pinpoint anything. There were no errors, the editing was spot on and the story moved seamlessly from one situation to another, without distraction.

Overall: a great apocalyptic story, and brilliantly written. It’s no wonder it has over a thousand reviews. When a pandemic kills most of the population, the survivors have to scavenge from the houses, fight the weather, and learn how to be self sufficient. Then they have to learn to live together and are afraid of newcomers, because not everyone is good and trustworthy. I’m thoroughly enjoying this series.

Three Book Series.

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