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Book Review of Infection by M. P. McDonald

Where did I find it: on a Facebook advert. This is book one of the series.

What I liked: that it was simply a great story, brilliantly told. It switched between three viewpoints. Cole, mentioned in the blurb, his son Hunter, and his friend, Elly. The latter two were making their way across the country to the island where Cole was. They each had their own adventure getting there, and it was riveting reading.

What I didn’t like: there was nothing I didn’t like. If I wanted to be really picky, there were paragraphs where the same word was repeated, which made it jar. But on the whole, I saw no spelling errors, no editing problems, and was just lost in the storyline.

Overall: I loved this story. I loved the premise. No bad zombies or horrible men out for themselves, as in previous books I’ve read. Just a really good and entertaining storyline. The best thing is I can move straight on to the next one. Highly recommended for apocalyptic and series lovers.

A Three book Series

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