Oh, That’s Right, I’m Busy!

This blog began over seven years ago when I simply posted reviews for every book I read. However, it was when I joined Norns Triad Publications that I learnt how to do it properly.

These days it’s a mixture of book reviews and articles. So instead of having a conversation in my head, I write here. It’s helped to build up my followers and readers, too.

I came across an interesting article recently by a site called ‘Be Inspired’, and that’s exactly what it did. I wrote this article as a result. You can read that the bottom.

I’m not time constricted as they mentioned, I’m retired, and find the best time to be creative is the mornings. But lately, I seem to be busy and not doing the type of writing I really want. My first love is short stories.

I used to sit down with a pen and paper and make magic. I’d write with no thought other than a vague idea. After a couple of hours, the magic of a short story would appear. I miss doing that.

But, I am my own worst enemy. For fifty days plus, I’ve posted here every day. It’s a record, and one I’m working hard at. I also write five articles a month for Norns Triad Publications. Now I realise how busy I am, it’s no wonder I don’t find the time to write my beloved fiction.

Do you have a process? When do you write the things you love? How do you decide what to give up?

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2 thoughts on “Oh, That’s Right, I’m Busy!”

  1. I am retired now too but I got more serious writing done when I was working full-time. I made sure I wrote for two hours every evening. Now I just write when I have time. (LOL)

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