Well, I didn’t see that coming!

When I was in my twenties we followed a band around. The guitarist, Eric, was a friend of my husbands’. They would practice in the room of a local amateur football club, and we’d go there to watch.

Eric told me he’d written a song using my name. I was thrilled. Of all the songs around, no one had ever sang about Karen.

When he arrived at rehearsals, he must have decided it wasn’t good enough. No amount of persuasion would make him sing it. I was so disappointed.

I was then forever on the hunt for a song with my name in it. The only one I found was Our National Pastime by Rupert Holmes. Even then it was just spoken at the end – Karen, that was my mother’s name. So it didn’t really count.

Then came along The Karen and Don’t be a Karen, and my name is now everywhere. Am I insulted they chose my name? Hell yes, now I’ll never get a serious song a out Karen! 😂

The only saving grace is I tend to go by the name of Kazz these days. 😁

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