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Morning Thoughts, a poem for Valentine’s Day

This is Miriam and as she awakes her eyes fall on Peter, her husband of fifty years. She recalls a time when sleeping together before marriage was frowned upon.

I love the feel of your skin
Soft touches so tender
This once used to be a sin
Without a ring on your finger.
Lying here in the morning light
I watch you softly sleep.
Once this wasn’t right
Without a ring to keep.
I listen to your breathing
Watch your chest rise and fall
Once you’d have considered leaving
Or shouldn’t have been here at all.
I love to hold you close
To feel your mouth on my lips
Once it was wrong for us both
To be wrapped together like this.
I love you, precious darling
Our love has only grown
And to see your face each morning,
makes me feel like a queen on a throne.

Karen J Mossman

3 thoughts on “Morning Thoughts, a poem for Valentine’s Day”

  1. Yeah, my brother, who’s the oldest, was born less than 9 months after my parents were married. My sister confronted my mom over dinner one day on their anniversary and my mom got upset. Did she think we wouldn’t count the months from marriage to first baby? LOL.


  2. A lovely poem. It may have been frowned upon but it certainly did happen. I’ve been reading my mom’s diary and know a lot more about her now. It makes me love her even more.

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    1. Aw, that’s lovely. You’re right.
      I was 19 when I suddenly noticed I was born four months after my parents married. Once I got over the shock, I realised, she’d never hidden it and did say they had to keep it a secret till afterwards and a lot of her elderly aunties did mutter amongst themselves. Too late as they were happily married then.

      I can imagine it’s lovely reading through your mum’s diary and seeing life through her eyes back then.

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