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Ye-Ha, Howdy Folks

I grew up on westerns. They were mainly men’s story with a love interest. Although I still like them, I rarely watch or read them now.

Loving Eliza was not a book I found in the conventional way. Ruth Ann Nordin is a WordPress author. If you are a WordPress member you have access to their ‘Reader’ section. This means all the blogs you follow are here for you to read. That’s how I found her, and her website was interesting, so I wanted to read one of her books.

I searched for her on the Apple Books app, and found The Cowboy’s Wish a short free read. When I’d finished, I looked for another and found Loving Eliza.

It’s always hard starting a new book because you’re still thinking of the previous one. But once I’d gotten past the first chapter, I’m as right in there.

So, I just thought I’d share what I’m reading and enjoying so far. What are you reading?

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