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Book Review: Fall from Grace by J. A. Winterford

Where did I find it: in an Anglesey group where I was asking for a photo I could use in a book blog. Someone asked if I’d read this, as it was based on the island. Turns out I’d seen the author in a local shop with a copy of her book. So it was ready to read on my kindle.

What I liked: the great characters. It was based around one family and the mother was the Grace of the title. Her husband, his family, her sons, and her best friend. How all their stories weaved together made it a fascinating tale. I also have to mention the beautiful cover that shows Britannia bridge which is where the story begins. You can tell why so many are drawn to it.

What I didn’t like:. Britannia Bridge is one of two crossings that connects Anglesey to the mainland. Sadly, it a place that attracts suicidal people.

Overall: the story moves through different timelines and also offers a fascinating look into Romany life. I enjoyed all the aspects of Anglesey with places mentioned I knew and had visited. A page turning mystery with a surprise at the end that I didn’t see coming.

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