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My Review of The Cowboy ‘s Wish

Where did I find it: on the Apple reading app. It’s the first time I’d used it. The author, recently wrote an article on where she gets her ideas from, which I reblogged. I looked her up on the Apple app and up popped this free book.

What I liked: it was clever and imaginative and held my interest. The idea of a cowboy meeting a modern day women driving a Mustang car was intriguing. What it boiled down to was the attraction between a man and a woman, whoever they are, and wherever they come from. Plus, I liked the humour.

What I didn’t like: it was over far too quickly. It did what is was supposed, but it left me wanting to know more about this ‘agency.’

Overall: this is billed as a short story and that’s exactly what you get in nine pages. It’s a free to download, and I was entertained for a while. I hadn’t read the description so was a bit confused as well as intrigued about what was going on. When I realised, which was very quickly, my interest was piqued. I think this will appeal to anyone who enjoys a quick and fun read.

I can’t provide one link, so make your selection.

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