Epitaph, a Poem for the Grave

I found this in my collection of old poetry. I wrote more than about twenty years ago. I’m much nearer now than I ever was then!

Just because I have died,
Doesn’t mean I am dead and gone.
I take a lot of pride
In the things I have done.
For I chronicled the family
Kept a list of who came and went.
The births and marriages came by me
And deaths were noted and sent.
Photographs came through my door
With memories that meant a lot.
And each year as we made more
I listed and no one forgot.
The men and women who came before
Will be there for all to see.
Read the volumes and take a tour,
Generations of family history.
So just because I’m no longer here
Read my notes of our family story.
As my name will always appear
As The keeper of the history
Just because I have died
I will never really be gone
Read my name follow my guide
And study what I have done.

Photo courtesy of pixabay.com

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