Novella, Romance

Play the Game is Coming Soon

The idea for this came in early 2018. The characters were already fully formed including the secrets they kept from one another.

Stella, the main character tells the story, and she works in a call centre, a job she hates. I worked for the RAC taking motor claims at the time, and this is where I based it.

Our office was near to Manchester United‘s football stadium, and we often had players come in for photo opportunities. Bored with my job, especially when the phones were quiet, I’d see them walk through the centre of the office, which sent my imagination into overdrive.

Finding the right names is important, and at the time I was engrossed in a TV series called Chicago Fire. The relationship between two, Stella Kidd and Kelly Severide was just taking off, and I love a good romantic story.

Play the Game is a sweet, clean romance where Stella tells the story herself.

The actress who played Stella is called Miranda Rae Mayo. So, I used the name Stella Rae. For Kelly, I used my uncle’s middle name as it fit perfectly, and Kelly Ambrose was born.

When hope is the only thing you have left, Stella plays the game.

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