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Battle of the Heart, a charity anthology

Karen’s Review

This is a charity anthology put together at the height of the Ukraine war to help raise much needed funds.

It has been a while since I read an anthology and I love the eclectic mix of styles they contain. This one had a war and romance theme, so I looked forward to reading it.

Like any anthology there is a mixture of writing ability and some wonderful ideas on which to base a story. I had my favourites, Wildflowers by Laura Rossi was about a women and her daughter living in their home during the war. When the soldiers came, one’s sees her hiding and romance blooms amongst the explosions. Danielle Jacks, Beyond Rhubarb and Love, Life and Regret , both reviewed here, wrote Polish Poppies about a resistance fighter and the girl he loves. Lessons Never Learnt by Paula Action was the only science fiction story about war. It was imaginative and put a different spin on the theme. Finally, the last story of the book, Lost and Alone by M B Feeney, had a newly married man going off to fight in Ukraine. The only problem, is he didn’t tell his English wife.

The thing I didn’t like is that the war Ukraine is still ongoing, and that is very sad. There was only one story I couldn’t read, simply because someone forgot to format it. The text ran in one block making it hard to follow. Which was a shame.

This is a really good anthology and will appeal to romance lovers and those who want to support a worthwhile cause.


Make love, not war.
Battle of the Heart is a collection of short stories centred around the theme of military and war romances.

Can love prevail?

100% of the proceeds of Battle of the Heart will be donated to the Red Cross as part of the Ukraine crisis appeal.

The battle of the Heart anthology includes stories from authors Danielle Jacks, Lizzie James, TS Arthur & Kyra Lennon, M.B. Feeney, Paula Acton, Laura Rossi, M.L. Broome, Angel Devlin, SE Foster, KL Shandwick, Lynda Throsby, and poetry from Sarah Michelle Lynch and Audrina Lane.

4 thoughts on “Battle of the Heart, a charity anthology”

  1. Intriguing! I’m always looking for a good book to read or a collection of stories. Honest feedback is invaluable. Hopefully the author next time will work on formatting. I often have to stop reading if something isn’t formatted correctly too.


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