100 Word Story #14 Chemistry by Rick Stepp-Bolling

The #100wordstory is just that, exactly one hundred words long.

If you have a story that fits this criteria. Email me, I would love to feature you.


You’re tense. Try to relax. Breathe. That’s better.

No. That’s too fast. Slow down. Use your hips. Swivel back and thrust forward. Swivel back and thrust forward. That can make all the difference in the world.

You want to increase your thrust? So slow back. Arch your back. A little more. That’s it. Doesn’t that feel better?

I want you to try something different. Sometimes trying something different, even if it feels a little awkward at first, can propel you to new heights. You’ll like the feeling?

Now here’s what I want you to do: hit the fucking ball!

Find our more about Rick here.

4 thoughts on “100 Word Story #14 Chemistry by Rick Stepp-Bolling”

      1. Sorry Thought it had my name when I sent it in. Actually it’s about golf


      2. Oh! Hahaha! Wrong on all accounts.
        It did have your name on, but I put it on the draft section of my blog ready to post, then forgot about it and a few others. Unfortunately, I left your name off when I did. I’ll change the picture, too.


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