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An Evening With Author Conrad Jones

Conrad Jones is a best selling’ author who has written at least four box sets and numerous thrillers and has even branched out into children’s books. He has thousands of book reviews and millions of fans from all over the world.

I was lucky enough to see him in person, and listen to a talk about what inspires him, how he writes, and insight to his work. A witty, dry humoured man who entertained and entranced his audience.

Conrad based his stories on areas he knows well. Many are set right here on Anglesey. I thought that was where I discovered him. But later realised I had two of his books already on my kindle from before I moved here.

The evening was set in The Community Hall in Benllech on the east side of the island. Sue Gillet, a local business owner, and an avid reader, arranged the evening in conjunction with Mon-SAR.

Món-SAR, is Anglesey’s lowland rescue team. Món the Welsh name for Anglesey, and SAR for search and rescue. A voluntary organisation who searches for missing people on the island.

Conrad originally started out working at McDonalds, and was there at the time of the Warrington bombings in the nineties. On holiday, he lay on the beach reading a novel and wondered what his next move would be. With no job and a recent burglary at his home, life looked pretty glum. When he complained at the quality of book in his hand, his partner suggested he write his own if he thought he could do better.

So he did, and he could. He immediately took himself off to the local supermarket to buy a pad and pen. The result of which was a thriller set in Liverpool called Soft Target. The very one I had on my kindle, so I must have seen it advertised somewhere and thought, wow.

While I sat there, beside me was a lady who had written a trilogy of crime novels set in Anglesey, and it was interesting talking to Anne, too.

So check, both Conrad and Anne out on Amazon.

Pictures courtesy of Sue Gillett

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