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Snow Queen by Ava Quintana

Entertaining and Intriguing

Karen’s Magic Review

This is another book that was free in the author’s newsletter. It’s a shorter read, and on a topic I’ve not read about before. Ballet is something I know nothing about, so I found it very entertaining.

The story tells us about a young dancer who works her up way from a small role to the top of the bill.

Nieves Alba is in love with Mikail, the top dancer until he was injured and can’t dance anymore. What she doesn’t see is her best friend, a male dancer, who is more loyal to her than she realises.

Snow Queen is a great story, with a big twist at the end. One that I saw coming, but not in the way the author presented it. I’m not entirely sure I liked the ending. It was perhaps a little too surreal for me. Although, there was no doubt it was clever.

The most intriguing thing was the author’s bio, at the back of the book. It said the name Ava Quintana is the pen name for a best selling contemporary romance writer. I immediately wanted to know who it was. I checked Google, Amazon, and social media, and found nothing.

Those people who love a shorter read, like something a bit different that mixes romance, mystery, and fantasy, will love enjoy this.

This book is not available at the time of writing, and I’m not sure where you can purchase it or read it from. So you can find it on Goodreads, or find the author on Facebook.


FIVE YEARS AGO, CAMBRIDGE Ballet’s Sugar Plum Fairy vanished after performing The Nutcracker. Despite extensive city and statewide searches, no traces of her, besides her ballet slippers, were ever found. Every year since, another member of the cast has gone missing after closing night: a Spanish Hot Chocolate, an Arabian Dancer, The Dew Drop Fairy, a Flower.

Nieves Alba, who as a thirteen-year-old played Clara in the first ill-fated performance, is now cast as the Snow Queen. On closing night, every police officer in Boston surrounds the theater, determined to catch the perpetrator whom they’ve dubbed “The Nutcracker.”

Can Nieves break the curse, or will she be the next victim of America’s favorite ballet?

This is a sexy romance mystery novella for adults ages 18+.

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