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Goldilocks and the Bear by Vivienne Savage

Goldilocks’s Great Adventure is Spellbinding!

Karen’s Magic Review

This is the third book in the Once Upon a Spell series. I particularly love the writing style, and if words can caress, then this does.

The play on the fairy tale is clever in this adult retelling. Ramsey and Victoria are the main characters and I loved both of them.

Ramsey is big and strong yet kind and gentle. Victoria, with her golden locks, set out for an adventure, and met Ramsey, a shifter, who is known as Father Bear. I really enjoyed the story of these two, and how they interacted with each other.

I loved how the characters from each of the other books also appear in this story. Already being familiar with Victoria, a minor character previously, made me like her all the more. And who wouldn’t fall in love with Ramsey?

What I didn’t like was Aladdin and the forty thieves. In Goldilocks and the Bear, he is a cruel and nasty little man. All his thieves had numbers instead of names, and they caused misery and havoc wherever they went.

There were many facets to the plot that I loved, some scary, some intriguing. It took me on an adventure where I could visualise weird and wonderful things.

I recommend this for fantasy romance lovers, and those who love being intrigued by strange new worlds.


Lady Victoria hungers for excitement, but how can she find it while cloistered in her cousin’s castle? Encouraged to journey north to pursue an adventure of her own, an abandoned lodge seems as fine a place as any to stop for rest.

Ramsay is a shifter without a mate. Overwhelmed by the responsibilities of becoming his clan’s new Father Bear – and the females attention that comes with that position – he leaves on holiday to enjoy the peaceful northern hunting lodge. Finding his bed occupied by a golden-haired beauty wasn’t part of the plan, but claiming her may be.

This is book 3, and these are the reviews for the previous books.

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