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Red and the Wolf by Vivienne Savage

Karen’s Magic Review

Last year I came across Beauty and the Beast by Vivienne Savage. At the time I’d not known it was part of a series. Fortunately, it was book one. However, although I prefer to read books in order, it would not have hindered my reading.

Red and the Wolf was just as enjoyable. The adventure reminded me of the magical tales I read as a child. This was very much like that except with adult themes.

Sorcha and Conall are the main characters and go on a journey. They battle dark ferocious creatures as well as discovering each other. Conall calls her Red because of the colour of her cloak and he is a beautiful auburn furred wolf. There is also a grandmother who lives in a cottage. The original story of Little Red Riding Hood is just about visible, but imaginative writing makes it so much more.

There was nothing I could say I disliked about it at all. In my picture above, I feel the title is not easy to read, so have added it to the top so there can be no doubt about the name of this exciting and thrilling story.

I feel this book will appeal to readers who enjoy romance, mystical creatures, and adventure.


Read the thrilling second chapter in the saga began in the bestselling romance Beauty and the Beast. 

Sorcha knows every inch of the forest, but a spontaneous visit to her grandmother thrusts her into the middle of a brutal conflict between shifters and an unknown force in the woodlands.

As the alpha of Clan TalWolthe, Conall is obligated to protect his fellow wolves at all costs–even if it means his life. After the pack lands in the crosshairs of a huntsman with a grudge, Conall encounters a red-cloaked beauty who may hold the key to defeating an ancient evil menacing their land.

Red and the Wolf is a fairy tale retold for an adult audience and improper for anyone below the age of 18. Readers who enjoy strong heroines, caring alphas, detailed world building, and out-of-this-world adventure will be hooked.

Perfect for readers of Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, Action and Adventure, Sword and Sorcery, and Shifter Romance.

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