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Kind by Kellyn Roth

Karen’s Magic Review

I saw this book on another blog. Immediately the cover drew me in. On reading the review I knew it would be something I would also enjoy.

I liked the main character Lieutenant Neil Hudson. The camaraderie he had with his troop appealed to me. The banter and jokes made me smile and I could imagine them ribbing each other daily. I really felt for Neil as he struggled with homesickness, during the festive season.

There was nothing I particularly disliked about the story except that it came to an end too quickly. I’d like to have known that he got home to his own family.

Overall, I found it a gentle read. The author took the circumstances of Neil’s predicament and feelings to weave it into this heart-warming tale. Kindness can go a long way, and this story showed that.


Lt. Neil Hudson is sure to have a rotten Christmas.

How can he have anything but a rotten Christmas when he’s stuck in war-torn Germany away from his family, friends, and all hope of a decent turkey dinner?

That’s when the Slades come into his life

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