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Rebirth by Christopher Artinian

Karen’s Review

This is the second book in the The Burning Tree series. Salvation is the first, and I chose it as my favourite read of February.

In my feature for Pictures Telling Stories, I like to choose images that match what I’ve read.

The asteroid hits the earth before the first book started. Everyone was housed in bunkers underground. Rebirth starts as they emerge into a new scorched world.

The people reach the surface in their thousands and follow Callie, one of the main characters through a mine shaft. She and her group of friends play a big part in this story. Greenslade is the other main character and people also choose to follow him. Except, Greenslade is only out for himself, and what he can gain. Phil, shown next to him, is with Callie’s group. He is a scientist who knows how to grow and cultivate crops for food. The last two pictures of the gun being fired and of the butcher, are where the story turns dark. The latter is the grim reaper, known as The Wizard, a man you never want to meet.

Like the first book, this story is blockbuster of a tale. The author cleverly writes lots of full personality characters, and in such a way that it isn’t confusing.

I also downloaded the audio book, and switched between the two. It was a wonderful way to bring the characters alive with the narrator using different accents to identify them easily.

I highly recommend this series and book three will be read next month.


They thought escaping the bunker was their biggest challenge. They were wrong.

With little food and no resources, the fragile union is beginning to strain. But there’s something else too—something lurking in the shadows.

When the power died, the bunker went black. But it was nothing like the darkness that awaits them now. A new panic is spreading, but this time, few have hope of escaping it.

This was meant to be a fresh start, a rebirth. Instead, it could be the beginning of the end.

Will Callie and her friends be among the lucky ones? Or will their newfound freedom be short-lived?

This is the second book of the series. The other reviews are here.

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