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Mechanical Mike by Paul White

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This book is just thirty one pages long. Perfect for when you’re looking for a quick read. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and when it finished, I wanted more!

In my feature #Pictures Telling Stories, I like to choose images that I feel represent the story I’ve read.

Set in WW2, it tells of Mike who is in love with Maria, and has been kidnapped, along with her father, by the Gestapo. Mike sets off to find her and when he does, he his shot, with very dire consequences.

There is a really great twist to this tale. When he awakes he has no knowledge of who he is. As the image above shows, Mike is a Private Eye detective in Paris during World War Two. Plus, there is a big elephant in the room. One that confuses the hell out of him and is certainly intriguing for the reader.

This is a super little book. For a short story it packs a lot of punch,


  • Pulp Fiction
  • Action
  • Fast-paced
  • Comic book-esque

    Mechanical Mike is a fun story, a modern retro pulp fiction tale set in Nazi-occupied France during WW2.

    A ‘gum-shoe’ style private eye is on a search and rescue mission of a beautiful blond ‘pin-up’ of a girl, whose mad scientist father is being coerced to work for the evil Nazi regime.

    CQ Magazine askes, “Mechanical Mike has it all; what more could you possibly want in a single story?”

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