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Review of Infinity by Christopher Artinian

The Journey Continues……

Karen’s Review

This is the third book in the series and tells the story of what happened after the meteorite hits the earth and wipes everything out. The first book Salvation tells us about the underground bunker that many survived in. The next book is about their escape. In this one we discover that other communities also survived.

Our main group of characters are now established at the farm and building a life for themselves. When a young boy loses his leg, a party sets out on a search for antibiotics.

Cally is in the group that leads the search back to Salvation. Things don’t go to plan, and they just about escape. As they make their journey they have other encounters along the way which causes them to fight for survival. Eventually, they land in the Infinity of the book title.

The original baddy in book one, Greenslade, changed under Cally’s influence and determination. He and his sidekick Trunk, sacrificed themselves for the group. That’s what I disliked about the story. How could they do that? It put a cloud over things as I turned the page hoping for a miracle that didn’t seem to come. That was until a reached the epilogue. What a wonderful end to the story.

This is a great survival trilogy that deals with all aspects of human nature. It will appeal to those who love the human spirit and champion those who consistently try to make the world a better place.

This can’t be the end, though. I want more. There is still plenty for these characters to see and do, and I want to be part of it!


Ever since leaving Salvation and escaping the quarry, things had got better and better for Callie and the rest of the community.

But now a single afternoon has turned their world upside down.

The clock is ticking to save one of their own, and a simple plan becomes a foreboding quest.

They’re about to learn just how much the world has changed. They’re about to learn that they didn’t know what real fear was.

New friends, old foes and a treacherous journey mean not everyone will make it home.

If they get through today, none of their lives will be the same again.

This is the third book in the series. Here are the others.

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