Novella, Romance

Beyond Rhubarb by Danielle Jacks

Karen’s Review

It’s not often I read a story twice, but this one was part of an anthology and now it’s a stand alone book.

Beyond Rhubarb is a short romantic story. It’s well written and cute. I liked it first time around, and liked it even more this time.

The author is offering it for free. So, if you download it, please leave a review on Amazon.

It will appeal to romance lovers who want a quick easy to read book.



The Yorkshire Dales Food and Drink Festival takes place once a year. It’s my chance to show off my ice cream-making talents. The problem is, my old enemy from school is also here. Oliver Simmons has always been my biggest rival and now he’s set our biggest challenge. Can I win our bet, or will he get what he’s always wanted from me? 


Touring with the Gin Tin, my home brewed drinks van is my escape. Working on the farm is my priority. I’ve lived down the road from Rebecca most of my life. She’s smart, pretty, and a fellow farmer. Can I tell her once and for all how I feel about her or will it all become one big game I’m about to lose? 

Beyond the Rhubarb is a rivals to more Young Adult short story.

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