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Happy Birthday To My Girl

In Sept 2010, I lost my parents, and to help me get over the grief, my husband suggested we get a dog. He wasn’t a dog person, so this was a big thing.

In early 2011 we picked up an eight year old Yorkshire terrier named Jodie.

My husband adored her and soon she became a big part of our family. We had her for eight wonderful years. When she passed away in 2017. The heartache we felt was unbearable. We said we would never have another dog.

Within a few months we were missing a four legged friend. We decided this time to go for a puppy. We were ready to take on a challenge – or so we thought.

Tilly aged eight weeks came into our lives. A feisty Yorkshire terrier puppy who was up at 5am and didn’t reed much sleep during the night. It was so much harder than we expected.

Somehow we got through it, and eighteen months later my husband said he wanted another dog, a spaniel. They are far too energetic for us, and after a little persuasion, he agreed to go for a quieter more docile breed of spaniel. Meggy, a seven year old, Cavalier King Charles, joined us.

Now ten, she is wise enough to pretend that Tilly is top dog and Tilly thinks she is the boss. But we know that Meggy is clever, and in return has a peaceful life. The girls get on well, and Tilly can often be seen snuggled next to her.

I’m proud to have reared Tilly from that tiny puppy. She is my precious, spirited, sweetheart, and today she is four years old.

Happy Birthday Tilly!

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To My Girl”

  1. Happy Birthday, Tilly! What a sweetheart. There is nothing like a dog or dogs to fill your heart with love and joy. We adopted Dot when we moved to Spain and I was homesick. She was such a joy, 4 years later we adopted another little dog, same breed, called Lia. Lia has so much energy and wants to be the boss but Dot lets her know she was here first. They get along just fine. Enjoy every moment. xo

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