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One Died and One Comatose!

Everything and everyone has a story. And, in keeping of the ethos of Magic of Stories, they are all around us every day. Today I thought I would share something different with my blog followers. It is a first for my blog, but even plants have a tale to tell.

This is the story of two plants, both very different, with similar problems – they were almost dead.

In 2014, my Aunt passed away in her hundred and first year. With one of the many houseplants there was a Christmas Cactus, and I took it home when we cleared the house. It, and the ceramic pot it was in, would forever remind me of her. She must have owned it for at leas ten years by the point. It never changed, always looking the same, except during the year it still produced beautiful vibrant flowers. During the years I owned, it continued to do the same, but never, ever grew.

Then one day, someone on Facebook showed a picture of their flowering Christmas Cactus. It was lovely, and it was big. It then occurred to me how mine had been stifled being in the same pot it was likely bought in. So I replanted it into something larger. The change was remarkable. Suddenly the leaves shone, and it began reaching out and growing. I’m thrilled at how healthy it now appears.

The second picture is an indoor rose bush. We received it in a box along with some wine and chocolates for our wedding anniversary in February. Apart from my cactus, I didn’t have any house plants. I nurtured it as it was special gift. Although, the wine and chocolates didn’t last too long!

I soon found out the rose needed watering every two days, and the blooms it produced were very pretty. However, I was rushed into hospital as an emgergency occurred. I stayed there for five days, and when I returned it was dead. My husband proclaimed he had watered it, but it was too late. I was sad to lose it, but it couldn’t have been helped under the circumstances. So I moved it into the garden intending for it to go in the bin, but it irked me. Instead, I cut it right down but it was dead, so I left it in the garden.

One day I noticed new leaves appearing. Unbelievably, it had started to grow again! Now it’s back in the house being nurtured and loved, and it is even more special, because like me it came out ok after a trauma.

1 thought on “One Died and One Comatose!”

  1. I can never bear to throw away a plant and it is amazing how they can revive. You will have many years of happiness with your Christmas cactus. They love to be repotted every now and then and can get very huge. xo


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