Welcome to Strangely – Weekly Blog Series #5

The Magic of Stories is delighted to bring Welcome to Strangely, The Other World by Lynette Ferreira, as weekly series to my blog. You can find her at Fiction For The Soul on Facebook.

All instalments can be found at the bottom of #1

She rubs the back of her hands against her eyes again and then, confused, she looks around. She was still going to… What was she still going to do? There was something, she knows there was, but no matter how hard she tries to remember, she cannot recall what it was supposed to be.When a voice from behind her says, “Sorry, I’m late,” she turns quickly to find the source of the sound.She takes in the girl’s tall frame, her round cheeks, her long, straight black hair and her piercing blue eyes.”Hey! You can’t just come in uninvited,” she says a little too loudly. “This is my house… Isn’t it?”She looks around the small room, trying to see out of the crooked window behind the red chequered curtains, trying to remember if this is indeed her home.”I should have been here when you arrived, but we had a situation at the Town Hall.””I’ve always been here. Is this not my house?” She asks confused. “No. This is my home,” she insists. “Why would I have arrived? From where? If this is where I am supposed to be?””I haven’t even had time to change,” the girl says, with a friendly smile. “Come. Sit.”She could not understand why this girl stormed into her house, apologising to be late when she was not even supposed to be here in the first place. It occurred to her that she was not even expecting her arrival, so how could she be late. Late for what?The girl says, “I’m Emily. Welcome to Strangely, Jenny.”

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