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Review of Sugar and Spice by Julia Blake

The Blackwood Family Saga Book 3

Karen’s Review

Although it’s part of a series, this can be read as a standalone. Everything is fully explained, so you needn’t have read the others in the series to know what’s going on. This is a great series about one family with a different characters represented in each of the books.

Susannah is our protagonist, a happy confident woman who runs her own business and is part of a loving family. She also has a cat who loves her, and hates everyone else.

One day, she is mugged, and her phone and keys stolen. Luckily, one of her brother colleagues, James Sullivan, sees what is happening and rescues her. By the time she is brought back to the office and the police have been called, the mugger has been to her apartment and learnt a lot more about her. This makes him fixated, and now the problems begin.

Susannah and James go on the run because the mugger, turns out to be a killer who has murdered several woman and is now after Susannah. Each time they hide, he finds them, but how?

Not forgetting the carpet bag. I loved this, you don’t see them so much anymore. It plays an important part of the story. Look out for it.

This book is such an exciting story as the two protagonists become closer, and with a killer on their tail, it is almost impossible to form a relationship as a game of cat and mouse follows.

Eventually, they are taken to cottage hideaway in Scotland. The derelict looking accommodation reveals a surprise inside. It is so far removed from civilisation, they can relax and leave the police to find the killer. Only things do not work out like that. The reading experience intensifies as it rises to thrilling climax.

Although I loved the other stories in the series, this one was by far the most exciting as we are taken on a suspenseful adventure. The story-telling from the author is superb. If you haven’t read her yet, start right here.


Sometimes, no matter how fast or far you run, you cannot escape fate

Susannah Blackwood happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and now she is being pursued by a vicious serial killer. He has killed before, but something about Susannah has caught his interest and he won’t stop until she is in his grasp.

With only her brother’s colleague, Sullivan, to help her – Susannah has no choice but to leave everything she loves behind her and run – and never stop running. Because he’s coming for her and has promised her an exquisite death.

From the back alleys and underground clubs of London to the wilds of the Scottish Highlands, he pursues her. Yet even in the middle of the most heart-stopping terror, the most heart-aching sweetness can be found.

Sugar & Spice is one book that will thrill and enthral from the very first taste to the very last bite.

Susannah Blackwood believes herself contented with her  small and peaceful life, but she has no idea of the danger and love that fate will put in her path.

Sugar & Spice is book three of the fabulously exciting Blackwood Family Saga – which tells the individual stories of the strong men, and even stronger women, who make up this eclectic and eccentric clan, and their bumpy road to finding true love.

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