Fantasy, Mystery, Paranormal

In Memory of Michelle by Sahara Foley

20 pages long, published 3rd May 2010, by Norns Triad Publications, Genre: Dark Fantasy Supernatural. 1-hr-Read

Karen’s Review

I love book covers and this one immediately drew me. It turned out to be absolutely perfect for the story.

It is told by the man in the picture. He has been dropped off somewhere remote to spend two weeks on his own fishing. Something he has done before and enjoys. Personally, I hate fishing, but can understand the quiet solitude people get from it.

The story takes a twist when the man discovers something is taking his food and leaves a gift in return. Who could be doing that? I was certainly intrigued, and the main character decided that whatever it was had some sort of intelligence.

Because the male is telling his own story, we never get to learn his name. It didn’t matter, and it only occurred to me as I came to write this.

In every good book there is a line, or a paragraph, or situation that resonates. For me, it was when he spent long hours stretched out on a tree branch. He gets stiff and hungry as he waits to see what creature was taking his food. Whatever it was, he decided, it had some kind of intelligence.

For such a short read, it packed a great punch, and is perfect for readers who have an hour of relaxation to spare.


A haunting camping trip from the Twilight Zone.

All he wants is to fish along the mighty Missouri River. Instead of relaxation, he discovers an unknown species lurking in the dark waters.

As fear turns to familiarity, he strives to learn their ways… until disaster strikes. Now, it’s up to him to save them.
Will he be able to rescue them in time, or will they be lost to mankind forever?

Fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz will enjoy this short, supernatural tale.


‘I stood, staring with my mouth agape and not one coherent thought being marshaled in my brain, at three fish lying on the muddy bank of the river.  All my throwlines were still in the water, but mysteriously, here were three catfish, each to weigh nearly five pounds.  All of which were still alive and flapping.’

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