Historical, Mystery, Thriller

The Artist by Christie Stratos, a book review

46 pages, mystery thriller.

Karen’s Magic Review

At last, a proper book with a great story and great writing. I recently read The Wrong House by this author, another short read, so I already knew I liked her writing style. This book was more fulfilling because it was longer. Miss Grant, we never learn her christian name because in the eighteen hundreds this was the way people addressed one another.

It was an intriguing read as Miss Grant tried to get through to Mr Markham who was depressed and suffering from stress. What he experienced during the war seemed to be the problem for his breakdown. Miss Grant was experienced in this and had been working with men who were greatly affected by their experiences.

Only, things are not quite what they seem. I’m not going to give away what this is, and it will come as a surprise, just as it did to Miss Grant.

At one point I did wonder whether it would go down the Jane Eyre route as there were similarities. It didn’t, and the way it did go was a lot more startling.

This book gave me back faith in shorter stories and how they can be just as good as longer ones.


An ad in the newspaper. A Civil War veteran in need. An artist companion. One of these things is not what it seems.

Miss Grant’s sole purpose in life is to help Civil War veterans by painting portraits of them to reveal the beautiful souls beneath their injuries. She has met many exceptional men through answering their newspaper advertisements for a companion.

But the latest veteran, the beautiful Mr. Markham, is strange. He has no debilitating injuries, simply a long, deep scar on his face—nothing more. His isolation from society and his demands to be treated as an invalid defy belief. Why does he choose to suffer when he could enjoy a fulfilling life?

Something else is wrong with Mr. Markham. And by the time Miss Grant figures it out, it may be too late to escape.

The Artist is a surprising Civil War-era suspense story that will keep you guessing until the bitter end.

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