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Hot off the Press #4 April

News from Karen’s Writing Desk

Each month end, I’ll send out my hot off the press news as if it were a newsletter. They are never complete without a few selected books from authors I’ve read and enjoyed.

It’s been an exciting month as I’m working with my editor Julie, on my new release that should be up for preorder in May or early June. The book is a time travel story called Time Lines and Julie also designed the cover. We couldn’t quite make the preorder in for this post, so when it’s ready I’ll reveal the cover.

I’ve read seven books this month and two that I couldn’t finish, so they are not included here.

Both came from author newsletters. One contains lots little errors, which I could overlook, but I just didn’t like the characters or storyline. The other, although well written and came with a warning, it was just too explicit in the end, which took away from the storyline.

My favourite story this month was called The Day the Earth Turned by Chantelle Atkins. I read an advanced copy and it will hopefully be released in June. I look forward to sharing my review.

I set a record in blogging everyday for 107 days continuously. There are a variety of posts from chatty artless to book reviews. I hope you caught some.

My work in progress is still Joanna’s Journey. I do a chapter a day on my iPad. I love the story, set in the eighties, and it is a full novel as opposed to my other books which are smaller.

I’ve been dallying with TikTok, it’s taken a while for me to understand how it works and I’m not fully there yet, but I do have some videos. If you want to join me, my name is kazzmoss23. I haven’t worked out how to share the actual link yet.

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Norns News

Julie has been spending a lot of her time working with me on Time Line. She also writes Julie’s Jewels each month when she shares tales of her nomadic life in an RV. Sahara has been buying and selling crystals. She has done several blog post sharing her passion for them, and many YouTube videos.

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Here are my book recommendations:

With his seemingly mundane act of taking one step forward, he effectively walked from myth to reality.

A mysterious friend reappears in the lives of cousins Hannah Mitchell and Jenna Warnke. His return causes a haunted past to be revived and a search for answers about ancient myths in the Snoqualmie Valley of Washington State is born. Could modern science hold the key, or does the truth lie in something supernatural?

An unlikely romance is encouraged by hope but threatened by heartbreak. Tragic loss and prejudice loom over the friends, drawing out the darkness of unexpected enemies. Is love strong enough to endure, or will worlds be destroyed?

Come discover what lurks in the shadows but desires the light!

An ad in the newspaper. A Civil War veteran in need. An artist companion. One of these things is not what it seems.

Miss Grant’s sole purpose in life is to help Civil War veterans by painting portraits of them to reveal the beautiful souls beneath their injuries. She has met many exceptional men through answering their newspaper advertisements for a companion.

But the latest veteran, the beautiful Mr. Markham, is strange. He has no debilitating injuries, simply a long, deep scar on his face—nothing more. His isolation from society and his demands to be treated as an invalid defy belief. Why does he choose to suffer when he could enjoy a fulfilling life?

Something else is wrong with Mr. Markham. And by the time Miss Grant figures it out, it may be too late to escape.

The Artist is a surprising Civil War-era suspense story that will keep you guessing until the bitter end.

What happens when two lost were-panthers meet for the first time?

Nicci, a were-panther abandoned as a child and without a pack, finds herself on the run from the law. With nothing left to lose, she doesn’t trust anyone, especially her own heart.

Dru, a famous race car driver and inheritor of one of the most influential packs in Australia, is trying to escape notoriety, and his fate. Prepared to throw away everything, he is trusting his instincts to get him through.

Together they find themselves stuck in a small rundown deserted town called Nowhere in the wilderness of rural Australia.

Can they learn to trust each other and find a future, or is the call of the wild too strong?

Special note from the author: Because this book is based in Australia with Australian characters, it has also been written and edited using Australian English. I hope you enjoy the immersive experience!

Love Hurts. For Derwena de Caro, songstress, female icon, teenage dream, success brought drugs, alcohol and a philandering boyfriend. It also brought wealth, fame and a stalker, or so she claimed. And that’s where I came in, to investigate the identity of the stalker, little realising that the trail would lead to murder and a scandal that would make the newspaper headlines for months on end.

Love Hurts. For me, Samantha Smith, Enquiry Agent, love arrived at the end of a fist. First, I had to contend with an alcoholic mother, who took her frustrations out on me throughout my childhood, then my husband, Dan, who regarded domestic violence as an integral part of marriage. But I survived. I obtained a divorce, kept my sense of humour and retained an air of optimism. I established my business and gained the respect of my peers. However, I was not prepared for Dan when he re-entered my life, or for the affection showered on me by Dr Alan Storey, a compassionate and rather handsome psychologist.

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