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Well! I didn’t know that…

In January 2020, I decided I would teach myself to draw. YouTube was a good resource, but I found books more helpful. As the months and weeks went on I did improve. For Christmas, I was given a light box and this helped me draw more of a likeness as I enjoyed doing portraits.

However, I wasn’t too sure what else, if anything, I could do with it. So, back to YouTube. It said I could do calligraphy with it. I’ve always liked actual writing, but never taken the time to learn it.

From Calligraphy, I came across Hand Lettering, something completely different. Hand lettering is fun fonts. The type of thing I used to do as a teenager when I decorated my books. As I got older, I stopped. I had no idea it was a ‘thing’.

On looking further into the types of hand lettering, I came across Procreate, a digital drawing app. Soon I was drawing digital instead and hand lettering on it too. I looked up Procreate on YouTube and saw references to digital notebooks. This led me on to Goodnotes and many people created their own stickers, calendars and notebooks on Procreate.

One of the channels I came across was Mrs Call’s Campers. No clue in the name of what her channel is about. She gave some great tips on Goodnotes so I looked at what else she had. Class room planning digital notes was one of things, as well as making your own digital planner. We also got a kitchen tour and a tour of her fridge! What? Yes, really. I began watching the kitchen one and it was about how she organises her cupboards and kitchen space. It did look lovely, I have to admit and the whole thing was professionally done.

I mentioned it to my husband and he said yes, I regularly watch a plumber working as we go with him to people’s houses. He also watched a guy who buys cars, takes them home and does them up before selling them on. I do recall he once watched one about plumbing in a toilet so he could put one in our caravan!

It suddenly came to me that you can find absolutely anything you want on YouTube. I have now become addicted to tutorials. Having recently got Scrivener for writers, YouTube is so useful, as is anything on Goodnotes, and Procreate, and now I’ve discovered Keynote. But I should stop. I can’t learn everything!

I had no idea these things were a thing, and just how popular they are. Having just start using Pinterest, or rather revitalising my old account, I bet there is someone on YouTube that will help me get the very best out of it!

So, what about you? What are you watching on YouTube?

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