Dystopian, Post Apocolyptic

Seth Rain’s Humanity Series

Karen’s Magic Review

The Dead Horizon came up in my Kindle suggesting I may like it. Usually, I ignore them but this time, I clicked on it because I like dystopian stories, although I rarely read them for some reason.

I read the description, but saw that it was book 2. I would never read a second book before the first. So I went in search of the first book and liked the cover and description, although looking at the cover, no one told him his phone has disappeared!

The concept was really interesting. How would you feel if you knew the date of your death? I know I wouldn’t like to know it, and it seems most people in the book didn’t want to know theirs, but had no choice. It leads to a breakdown in society.

The story is set in 2042 where they have self-drive cars. That was such an interesting concept. I liked the main character too. He always felt that his date was wrong. They were issued by the AI, a huge computer built by three people. It’s starts to grow a mind of its own, and one of the creators becomes greedy and programmes the dates of 144,000 people deaths, as depicted in the Bible’s book of Revelations. This greedy created felt they were paving the way to heaven.

Then, there are the Watchers. They make sure you die on your specified day with their guns loaded with five bullets. One empty chamber is reserved for Him and if He wants to spare you.

Once I had read and enjoyed the first book, it led straight into the second as a continuation. Most of humanity had died by then and there were a handful of survivors. The concept was good with some great ideas from the author.

There are three more books in the series, which you will see at the bottom. They all have great covers and are a good price. Plus a bonus of them being in Kindle Unlimited, which is why I downloaded them in the first place.

A good series if you like this kind of post apocalyptic story as I do,

The Warm Machine

Scott Beck knows the date and month he will die.
What he doesn’t know is which year.

Minutes away from surviving another April 22nd, someone knocks at his door…
In a near-dystopian future, Artificial Intelligence has uncovered the clockwork nature of the universe.
And now, because of the intervention of a religious organisation of Watchers, soon everyone on the planet will discover the date, month and year they will die.
Combining dystopian, post-apocalyptic, and cyberpunk fiction, The Warm Machine is the first novel in the haunting five-part Humanity Series, depicting a future in which humanity is on the brink of annihilation.
It’s not the end of the world … only humanity.
Begin the adventure before it’s too late!

The Dead Horizon

Some call it the Rapture. Others call it a global genocide. Whatever it was, only thousands of survivors remain on Earth.
When Scott Beck finds himself alive after the Rapture, along with only a few survivors, he retreats to the Lake District in the north of England. Soon after, he finds himself the reluctant guardian of a young woman and on the run from Mathew, a religious megalomaniac, and his Watchers, who are as determined as ever to send every human soul to heaven.
The AI, controlled by Mathew, informs Scott of a dead horizon, past which its view of the deterministic universe vanishes, meaning it can no longer see the future.
Scott, along with what remains of humanity, having lived with the paradox of knowing his own demise, must once again embrace freedom and take hold of the smallest offering of hope if he and humanity are going to survive.
Rejoin Scott Beck’s fight to save humanity in Book Two of the Humanity Series.
It’s not the end of the world … only humanity.

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