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Are You on Instagram?

I manage two Instagram accounts. One is this and called Magic of Stories and the other is for Norn Triad Publications, which I am a part of.

Although I like pictures, I didn’t quite understand how Instagram can work for me as a business, until I came across this book.

Not only did it give me some great ideas, but inspired many of my own, and that’s when I decided to take over our Norns Instagram as well.

As a reader of this blog, or if you have come over from our newsletters, don’t you want to see great images and interesting content?

I have introduced themes to each account. The Magic of Stories theme is the lilac, so all my posts are on a lilic background. For Norns, we are yellow, as this is the blog theme colour. Norns consists of four authors J. M. Northup, Sahara Foley, Marnie Cate, and me, Karen J Mossman. We each bring our readers something different and we each get a week of posts using our relevant colours. If you look at our profile, you will see a pattern and beautiful and interesting graphics are what it is all about. It helps us to grow our reader base, while enabling readers to find what they want easily.

If you are on Instagram, come and follow us and we will follow you back.

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