Paranormal, Romance

Deep Waters by Paul White

Paranormal Romance 41 pages





Deep Waters is a heart-wrenching story of one man’s fight to come to terms with his wife’s death.

This touching and emotional tale allows privileged insight into Gary’s mind as he stumbles onward through life and unveils an understanding of why he chose this island to execute his last wishes.

Electric Press magazine says,

“Paul White uses his protagonist, Gary, as a device to explore the depths and fragility of the human psyche. I doubt if you can read this book without shedding a tear, or two… or more.”

Karen’s Magic Review

I seem to have lost my reading mojo of late and its strange because I do miss having a book on the go. This one has been advertised on Facebook for the last month on the lead up to its release. Having read Paul White’s books before. I preordered it. It is an Electric Eclectic book, and the majority of these are novellas. An ideal way for me to get back into reading.

The atmosphere, as suggested in the description, was nicely described as it built up to the main part of the story. I reached a point where I knew what Gary had in mind. Just as I had the ending in mind, there is a little twist, and it made the story complete, I really enjoyed.

Pictures telling stories gives a visual aspect to the words in the book. The first photograph in the collection above represents Gary’s despair and coming to terms with his wife’s death, shown in the photo below. He heads off to an island and that his him on the right alone with thoughts as he contemplates life without the woman he loves. He always wanted to fish, and with this scene comes a clue to how he is really feeling.

The beautiful woman shown in black and white is how he wants to remember Frances, his wife. The last pictures depicts the beautiful setting that author describes so well. The reader is able to appreciate the views and the tranquil setting that Paul White set up so perfectly.

Available as an ebook and a paperback.

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