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January 11th is National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

It’s very hard to believe her understand how people can do this to one another. I live near a port and it has been known that people are trafficked through here as well as other ports in the UK.

Last year there was the horrific case of a lorry coming from Ireland and travelling down south where 32 dead people were found in the back having suffocated in the back. In made headline news everywhere. Those concerned were caught, prosecuted and jailed for their crimes. But many still go undetected.

Unfortunately this happens in every corner of the world in one way or another. You can find out more on the UNSEEN website site. They operate a helpline, see below and they have Women and Men’s Refuges and help and support lines.

Human trafficking is a form or modern day slavery. If you are concerned about a potential victim, or suspicious about a situation that is potentially exploitative, you can call the Modern Slavery Helpline on 08000 121 700 . The helpline is operated by Unseen, open 24/7 and entirely confidential.

We, as the general public do not normally see this going on, and indeed oblivious to the consequences suffered by many. The only way we learn is if we see it on a news report, or a television programme. Fictionalised dramas can be absorbing and seen as entertainment, but they also highlight the issues so many of us are not aware.

The Trafficking Murders is a fictional story by best selling author Brian O’Hare. In order to create it, he did a lot of research into how these people operate and the consequences to the victims.

He talks more about that and talks about it in the foreword, which you can read here:

“Cross The Shadow; become a shade.”  Brian O’Hare 2020

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