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Chasing Caitlyn by Marnie Cate

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 14.34.37Which is more important – wreaking revenge or finding peace?

Caitlyn’s life is altered by the death of the father she idolized and further broken by a tainted prom night. These are triggers that begin her path of self-destruction. When happiness finally seemed attainable, she learned that her beloved husband isn’t who he appeared to be. This is the catalyst that forces the passive woman she’s become to no longer remain silent.

The past year had been full of lies, deceit, and revenge. All of it had changed me. It made me cold. The need to win drove my actions.

They say revenge is best served cold, but at what cost? In the end, Caitlyn must make a choice. Should she become the vengeful woman she’s plotted to be, or can she walk away for a fresh start?

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Karen’s Magic Review!

I began reading , not really knowing what to expect. A quarter way through, I found I didn’t care for character, Caitlin. She had no scruples. However, the story and writing kept me glued.

It was true Caitlyn had gone through a terrible experience and it shaped her life. She had no off switch, and wasn’t shy about her body. She had sex with so many men! Slowly I began to understand she was broken and reacting to the thing troubling the most. As she grew up she recognised this in herself and my low opinion of her, soon turned to one of admiration.

Many of us have done things we’re not particularly proud of, but isn’t that all part of growing up? Caitlyn is no different. She has to work with the cards she has been dealt. If she she hadn’t have come to her senses, I probably wouldn’t have stuck around. Such is the clever writing of author Marnie Cate. Apart from the now intriguing persona of Caitlyn, the author draws some intriguing back characters. Some you love, and others you’ll hate.

The book was published through Norns Triad Publishing, and one of their authors is called J. M. Northup. She is a great writer and you will find several of her books reviewed on this blog. I was simply delighted see Marnie Cate had added her fellow author to the story in one small sentence, and I spotted it!

As Caitlyn fought her way out of a disastrous marriage, I found myself liking her a lot by this time. Her revenge was sweet, and in the only way she knew how. Soon, I found myself heading towards the end of the book, and a bell began ringing. I knew this bit of the story, I’d come across it before.

Having walked out of her marriage, Caitlyn was offered a job with an elderly lady to ghost-write her book. It became more familiar the more I read. I recalled it being part of an anthology that I couldn’t remember the name of. Nor could I remember the names of the characters either. It was the storyline that had stayed with me. It had to have been Marnie Cate. Suddenly, I was excited. I knew someone was going to arrive, and prayed I was right! I was! Oh, how I love a happy ending.

I’ve always believed that put of something bad comes good. There should always be hope. This was so with poor Caitlyn who rightly found the happiness she deserved. Sigh!

I guarantee if you love  happy endings, you will adore this.

By the time I had finished I was full of admiration not only for Caitlyn but for Marnie Cate who had weaved such a tale.

A Broken Girl Collection is the name of the trilogy, and suddenly I got it.

As I am in Kindle Unlimited, I’ve downloaded Ginger, the next in the series. I was in for another surprise but I’m not telling to until my next review.

A Broken Girl Collection

Find them here.


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