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Claimed by Rafa by Denna Holm

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Rafa didn’t think much of the human female when his prince first claimed her for a mate, but her strength of character soon wins him over. He watches with jealous eyes as the love blossoms between them, especially when she begins to swell with the prince’s child. When Rafa’s shaprata begins to mature, and the time arrives for him to claim a mate, he decides to return to Earth to claim a human of his own.

Aaliyah was left devastated when her best friend went missing. Abby was last seen hiking with her faithful German shepherd near one of Oregon’s mountain lakes. Six months later, Aaliyah receives a phone call, the woman on the other end claiming to be Abby, and she wants Aaliyah to drive up to the same lake to meet her … alone.

Emotionally, Aaliyah isn’t as strong as Abby. She’s had a rough childhood and considers herself damaged goods. When the alien tries to claim her, she rejects their union, not sure she is capable of loving a man, even if it means Rafa might die.

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Karen’s Magic Review

Having read Claimed by Nicolai, I had to move straight on to Claimed by Rafa. Nicolai had taken Abby, and she constantly talked of her best friend Aaliyah, so I suspected Aaliyah maybe the the mate that Rafa goes for. It was, and I was already excited to visit that world again. Every aspect of it was described in  way that wasn’t difficult to imagine. I just loved it. Now the shock of the claiming was known, I wondered how it would go this time. Would the story be as interesting? How would Aaliyah feel,W or more importantly, how would she react?

I wasn’t disappointed. The story continued to hold my interest, in fact, I devoured the whole book. In the last one we met some interesting aliens, in this one there were the fish women. What they did to the Raiden Warriors was pretty shocking. So shocking, I was rivetted! Role reversal was not what I expected. Men being men, and these men being warriors, dealt with rape in a different way.  I just couldn’t stop reading, I didn’t want it to end and was thrilled to know book three was on its way. I will be first in the queue!

If you, like me, don’t generally read Science Fiction/Fantasy, then this is an excellent place to start.

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