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Report from the Home Front

By Karen J Mossman

I live in Anglesey in North Wales and it’s a popular tourist place. As we are an island there are many beautiful beaches. As the new season began the holiday makers returned.

My daughter moved here in January from Stockport, near Manchester. Their farmhouse has a self contained flat, and on the land a beautiful rental cottage. The bookings started arriving to give her a regular income. Then everything changed.

As we have gone into lockdown, people are still arriving looking for a better place to self isolate. This uses resources we don’t have enough of for ourselves. Our local hospital hasn’t the capacity for extra patients, and even though the government recommended they stay in their local area, still they come. Police are now patrolling the bridges questioning those that want to cross. Hopefully they will keep themselves safe at home instead of here.

As a result, our island is much quieter than usual. Every day seems like a Sunday. We are not going out except to walk the dogs in the afternoon. It seems strange to be confined to the house and not have the freedom to go wherever I want.

Every now and again, I blink, and hope its a dream, or the imagination of a book I’m reading. Sadly, it’s true. It is happening, and we all have to take care.

Reading someone else’s view of what life’s like for them is interesting and more so if that person is author Julia Blake. She writes a weekly blog about what’s going on in her world. Last week she announced she and her daughter had gone down with Covid 19. Here she tells us about it, with a few smiles on the way.! And we could all do with those.

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