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The Ghosts Of Little Cocking by Thérésa Hedges


A role to die for…

Everyone wants to be a movie star. When indie director Darton Jellicoe heads off to Little Cocking Manor to film his life’s opus, he doesn’t count on the interventions of a pair of actors from days gone by. While one longs to be in the limelight once again, the other does his level best to ensure the production doesn’t have a ghost of a chance…


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ebook release date: 8th April 2020

Author biog

Thérésa Hedges is an award-winning playwright, screenwriter, and novelist. Tending towards the eclectic, she has a particular fondness for writing science fiction, horror, and humour. She has so far had 7 novels published, mostly set in her native Wales.

Her first novel, “Our Little Miracle” is a cautionary tale about the role genetics plays in our everyday lives and how science can be manipulated to meet many ends.

Next came “Dominic: The Tale Of An Accidental Vampire”, a Wilde-inspired tale of a young Welsh medical student who unwittingly becomes a vampire in Victorian times, and its sequel, “Fortior Concordia”, “The Diary Of An Everyday Vampire” (volumes 1 & 2), a witty view of life from the viewpoint of someone who definitely is not undead, and “Trash”, a futuristic thriller also set on the Welsh coast.

Recently, Thérésa stepped outside the sci-fi/horror genre with a humorous and affectionate homage to Pride & Prejudice, entitled “First Impressions”.

She is currently working on Book 3 of the Dominic Saga, and the third instalment of “The Diary Of An Everyday Vampire”.

Her most recent film “Like Glass”, has been picking up numerous awards on the film festival circuit. There is another in pre-production and she is working on screenplays for three feature films – see her IMDB page for details.


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They were due to shoot the first scenes that evening, so Sandie was busy getting it all set up. She came to tell Darton that the first part of the shot list was ready to go. She was surprised to see Vyncent there, chatting to him.

‘Hey, Darto- Oh, hi, Vyncent.’ she smiled, pushing her hair behind her ear. ‘Um, I just wanted to say I’ve got everything set up for scene ten. You know, when Bertie and Marie arrive at the mansion.’ She gave a little giggle and clutched her clipboard to her. Vyncent winked at her.

‘Thanks, pet.’

‘Hey, can I have a swig?’ She indicated Vyncent’s half-empty water bottle. ‘I’m parched and I really can’t be bothered to trek all the way back up to the kitchen to get some water.’

‘Help yourself…’ He passed the bottle over to her.

‘Water!’ exclaimed Darton, ‘That reminds me, I better go remind the ladies that we’ll need to get the spray ready for the rain effect.’ He excused himself.

Sandie glugged away at the bottle and felt her mouth explode. Luckily, Darton was by now too far away to hear the muttered expletive that escaped her lips.

‘What the -! What have you got in there?’ she spluttered.

Vyncent seemed bemused as he took the bottle back from her. ‘Lalla’s the water drinker. I must say, I was surprised you asked for some.’

‘I was just surprised you had some. Water, I mean.’

‘Thanks.’ He gave an ironic chuckle.

She became flustered. ‘I didn’t mean- ugh. I don’t know what I meant.’

He flashed her a beautiful smile. ‘I won’t tell if you don’t.’ he said with another wink. She giggled again and wiped her mouth. Vyncent tapped the side of his head. ‘Helps to keep things quiet. Know what I mean?’

Sandie shook her head and smiled. ‘But anyway, I won’t tell.’ She traced an ‘X’ across her chest with her index finger. ‘And hope to die.’

‘Atta girl.’ Vyncent grinned.


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