Can You Control Your Dreams?

by Karen J Mossman

Do you dream in colour? I was once asked that, because I dream so vividly, and I didn’t know whether I did or not. So I went to bed and made a conscious effort to find out. I saw a girl in a red skirt that night. So I must do, or at least I’d made the suggestion to myself and my brain worked subconciously. The rest of the dream was irrelevant, that’s why we don’t see colour, we only see the events as they happen.


Did you know people can manipulate their dreams? It’s called Lucid Dreaming and when I first became aware of it, I tried to do it. Most of the time I’m aware that what is going on around me and it’s only a dream. I’ve even told people it doesn’t matter because this is my dream.

One day, I decided to fly, I’d done it before, and I knew others said they have dreamt they were flying too. So every night I tried to take off off. It took over a week for me to actually get airborn, while consciously knowing I was dreaming. I couldn’t do it long enough to enjoy it, and it took a lot of effort.

If you want to give this kind of manipulation a go, this article gives you some steps on how to achieve it.

I’m very lucky being a writer because I can sometimes use my dreams to weave into stories and have met other writers who say the same thing.

In my early teens I dreamt I had died and was in some sort of in between land. It was a bit weird as these things always are. I wrote it down and made a story out of it. For many years the story was called The Astra Plane, which is where it takes place. It was only when I resurrected it for my Magic of Stories book, the proof reader said, don’t you mean astral plain? It was the mistake of my thirteen year old self, and I just became used to the title without thinking about it. The story has a ethereal feel to it and this is the opening paragraph.

There is a place beyond and before, it is neither here nor there. We all go there, few remember, and most never return. It is a place of swirling sands; ever present mist and a dull sea lapping at the shore. It is a place beyond our dreams and imaginings. Who we are and who we think we are, not always the same thing.

They call this place The Astral Plane.

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